Akbar Yadegari

Painter, writer, director, actor and poet.

Born 1951 in Malayer, Iran, Akbar holds a Diploma in Mathematics from privat High School of Samsami Bayat in Arak (1969). In 1970, he attended Management College and founded a theatre group where he directed several plays. In 1971, he entered Fine Art College of Tehran University and graduated in Theatre Arts (1977). In the course of his university studies, Akbar acted in theatre workshops as part of Arbi Ovanesiyan group and further participated as actor and director in the student theatre.

After graduating, Akbar was employed in the Ministry of Culture and Art’s theatre department as a theatre expert in the Semnan province. Later on, he returned to the theater department and continued acting, and at the same time authoring, acting and directing in the television sector, and acting in cinemas.

In 1986, Akbar emigrated to Cologne, Germany. In 1987 he attended Philosophy College at the University of Cologne to continue his studies in theatre and to found “Tamasha” theatre group. He successfully directed several plays across Europe and in Canada in the past three decades. His increased attention and passion for illustration and painting made him found his own style in art throughout this period. Akbar was able to demonstrate one of his characteristics, which is the interaction between his two field of arts. In 1997, he published the “Theater Season” magazine. Under his leadership and with the aid of senior Iranian theatre practitioners, Akbar investigates the development of Iran’s modern theatre state including its highs and lows.

In 2013 to 2014 Akbar was employed by the city of Wuppertal and Pegah Cultural Center supported by the European Union as a coach and director to work with and rehabilitate convicts with the help of drama therapy methods. As a result of his work as director, he developed a play and movie based on the script of “Shakespeare’s Storm”, which reflects the story of his actors’ lives who all served time in prison.

In addition to taking part in public exhibitions, Akbar held private exhibition for art experts to review and encourage philosophy and art discussions about his work for many years so his style of work maintains novelty.

Akbar is currently active in painting, theatre and scriptwriting both in Iran and Europe.